Tokyo Rail Pass The Clever Voyage team recently visited Japan for their magical cherry blossom season and discovered a great new Tokyo Rail Pass for tourists visiting Tokyo. The JR East rail company have introduced a new Tokyo Rail Pass which can be a very convenient and affordable option for […]

Tokyo Rail Pass

 Carry-on luggage travel hacks Carry-on luggage travel hacks can save you time, space and even money. Pashmina Power Ladies, take note! A travelling with a pashmina is one of the best carry on luggage hacks going around because it is so versatile and lightweight. Best of all they are cheap […]

Carry-on luggage travel hacks

Camper Van or RV Relocation   Camper Van or RV relocation can be the cheapest form of travel.  Getting places doesn’t need to be expensive, if you are flexible with times and locations you can travel for next to nothing.  Many Camper Van or RV companies will often have stock […]

Camper Van or RV Relocation