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Common Travel questions and myths – we will debunk them!

We are here to help you travel easier and cheaper, helping you plan your trip and save time.  This will end up allowing you to see more of this amazing world.  Get out there and travel more!

  • Why does the flight look full when booking but when you travel there are empty seats?
  • Why do flight pricing fluctuate so much?
  • Did you know a lot of frequent flyer programs do not allow the searching of all partner flights on their websites?
  • Tired of ringing up frequent flyer call centers to find out if a reward seat is available?
  • Can’t find specific travel information or tired of forums with information coming from people who think they know?
  • When is the best time to book hotels, flights and car rental?


With more then 20 years of combined travel experience, this website will bring you airline, reward program and travel information.  As well has hacks to get the most out of travel experiences and optimize your time and money while travelling. With our team constantly travelling we will offer tips to travel like a pro with information ranging from packing hacks to accommodation and flight tips.  We have travelled to every continent and used every means of transportation to do so.  We have experienced so much by staying in all forms of accommodation from tents to 5 star hotels and resorts and now we will help others by putting the inside information here in one central location.


The world only as large as you imagine and with desire followed by research and action you can explore the world effortlessly.  As if you had travelled every day.


Should there ever be any missing information please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Clever Voyage or email us at

About L J

Having 5 years of experience in the travel industry, and more then 5 times that in actual travel experience I like to think have experienced many different aspects of travel and wish to help others.

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