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Olympia, Greece


Olympia Archaeological Site
IATA Airport Code: OLM

Population: 13,409 (2011)

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37°38′17″N 21°37′48″E

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Olympia Sites

The birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, which were celebrated every four years by lighting a torch which travels to the new host city of the Olympic games.  The ancient games were held every four years from 776 BCE to 393 CE.

Ancient Olympia Archaeological site – World Heritage listed and a must see as it is one of largest ancient sites in Greece, it contains an enormous amount of monuments and works of art, such as the famous statues of Hermes by Praxiteles and Nike by Paeonius.

Ancient Olympia Museum – combine a visit to the museum while at the Archaeological site. Here you will be able to see the statues and excavated relics from the site in all their glory. Spectacular!

Accommodation in Olympia

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