American Express Velocity Platinum Card Review

American Express Velocity Platinum Card

American Express Velocity Platinum Card

We love the American Express Velocity Platinum Card because of its sign up bonus! If you apply on the American Express website the sign up bonus is 50,000. But if you use our special referral link the sign up bonus goes up to 80,000 points which is one of the biggest going around in Australia.


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Other positives for this card:

  • Domestic return flight every year you hold the card. You also get 2 free passes to the Virgin lounge each year. Earn up to 3 points per dollar on spend on the card.
    • Here’s a few examples of what you’ll be able to do with 80,000 points:
      • Brisbane – Melbourne return 3 times on Virgin Australia = 65,000 points (+ $21.47 taxes per flight)
      • Sydney – Melbourne return 5 times Virgin Australia = 69,000 points (+ $21.47 taxes per flight)
      • Brisbane – Bali return Virgin Australia = 47,800 points (+ $137 taxes)
  • Can also be used on partner airlines with an example:
    • Melbourne to London one way = 62,500 (points plus $78.72 taxes)
  • Or with 72,000 points you can get $400 worth of gift vouchers such as from Coles through the Velocity reward store.


A few things to know:

  • Annual fee is $349. But even before the bonus points you pretty much get that back in the free domestic return flight and lounge passes
  • You have to spend $500 in the first 3 months in order to receive the bonus points. This is pretty easy to knock over if you use it on groceries, petrol etc.
  • If you already have an Amex issued card older than 1 year than you won’t be eligible to apply. A bank issued Amex card is fine. For example I already had a CBA Amex card, but that doesn’t matter, I was able to apply. It’s only a card direct with American Express that will make you ineligible.
  • You have to be a Virgin Australia Velocity Rewards member, so if you’re not already a member just register with Velocity Frequent Flyer before applying for the credit card. You’ll need your Velocity number when applying for the credit card to get the points. Joining Velocity if pretty quick and free


A Final note to help get even more points:

You can also earn more points once you get the American Express Velocity Platinum Card and refer it on to someone else. The person you refer it to will get an extra 30,000 points, and you will get an extra 20,000 per person approved (up to a maximum of 10 people and 200,000 points). So you could end out with 280,000 points if you get enough referrals.



Should there ever be any missing information please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Clever Voyage or email us at


Click here to apply for your own card with the bonus 80,000 points!

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