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Clever Voyage

The Clever Voyage team

Clever Voyage is a team that is comprised of travel experts who have worked for one of the highest rated airlines and one of the world’s largest travel companies.  Combined, the team has more than 20 years experience working directly in the travel industry and have many more years of travel experience from travelling the world.  We have experienced so much by staying in all forms of accommodation ranging from tents to 5 star hotels and resorts and now we help others by putting the inside information here in one central location.

We started this site because we find ourselves gathering information not only internally though our everyday roles but also from countless other sites and felt we needed a central location of information.  This repository of travel and loyalty program information is as much for our own reference as it is for yours.  With our team constantly travelling we will offer tips to travel like a pro with information ranging from packing hacks to accommodation, what to do, where to go and flight selection tips.  Hopefully these travel hacks will help you get the most out of your travel experiences and optimize your time and money while travelling.

Should there ever be any missing information please don’t hesitate to contact us here as Clever Voyage or email us at